Community Press — 31 October 2012
WOSU’s Final Columbus Neighborhoods Episode Featuring Olde Towne East to Air November 12th

One of Columbus’ oldest streetcar neighborhoods, Olde Towne East has been home to aristocrats, governors and captains of industry. With a varied architectural history that can still be seen today, the area had ornately crafted homes belonging to renowned residents including artists George Bellows and Alice Schille; NFL founder, Joe Carr; the brewing family, the Hosters; and the Lazarus family.

The area went through a period of decline as people moved away to the suburbs, but today the neighborhood is experiencing a resurgence of residents motivated to fix up the houses and make it a thriving community again. Be sure to tune in to Olde Towne East, the final segment in the Emmy award-winning documentary series, Columbus Neighborhoods.

November 12 at 9pm on WOSU-TV

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Christy Williams owns VIVIDPOiNT interactive, a full-service digital ad agency located in Olde Towne East.

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  1. I love driving around Franklin Park, and then walking the streets looking at all the beautiful old houses, and mansions. It is hard to imagine that people didn’t want to maintain them. I look forward to seeing this documentary to learn about the neighborhood history & dynamics. I wish I could make my vacation rental in Santa Teresa Costa Rica look like one of those old mansions on Bryden Rd.

  2. “WOSU

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