The Other Paper: ‘OTE’ Residents Say It with Ink

Before I saw the article, I had several people ask me if I was going to get an Olde Towne East tattoo. What a strange question, I thought.

When I finally saw reporter Wes Flexner’s article in The Other Paper about Olde Towne East residents getting “OTE” tattoos, I couldn’t help but smile to myself and think, “Only in Olde Towne East.”

This week, to celebrate their new location at 80 Parsons Ave, Cap City Tattoo was offering “OTE” tattoos during “OTE Day.”

“…why make a statement of neighborhood pride in such a visible place?” asked Flexner. Particular from residents who “have lived there less than five years, and many are renters.”

For Cap City Tattoo and the residents who got a tattoo that day, the sense of community is so real, a tattoo just felt right.

From the article:

“We are really proud of the neighborhood,” said Andy Johnson, the artist who inscribed the letters at a special rate. “We just wanted to show our support for the neighborhood and help others show their support.”

Interestingly, though the tattoos are permanent, those who received them aren’t necessarily permanent residents of the neighborhood. Several have lived there less than five years, and many are renters.

Gordon, for example, has lived in Olde Towne East for only three years. Yet she didn’t hesitate to get inked–and not in some out-of-the-way place, but behind one earlobe. The radio personality apparently didn’t want the tattoo to go unnoticed, a fate, she believes, that often befalls her neighborhood.

“Olde Towne is so often overlooked, but it really is beautiful,” Gordon said. “Big homes and local shops and restaurants that anchor the area–Carabar, Yellow Brick, Black Creek Bistro.”

“There’s a great sense of community, and I can’t see myself anywhere else.”

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Photo courtesy of The Other Paper

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