SAVE THE DATE! The 2012 Summer Tour of Historic Homes will be July 15th

Preparations have begun for the 2012 Summer Tour of Historic Homes, scheduled for July 15th from 1pm-6pm.

The Tour Committee is hard at work planning tour stops, recruiting volunteers, preparing the marketing materials, and securing sponsorships.

Interested in getting involved? It’s not too late to join the 2012 Tour Committee. Send us an email for more information.

Meet the 2012 Co-Chairs
Jeff Hamilton
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Jeff first came to Olde Towne East about two years ago, where says he fell in love with it immediately.

“It reminds me a lot of my hometown in Northern KY. Besides all the homes with great architecture and tree-lined streets, I really love the sense of community this neighborhood has. Being in a community where people take care of their homes and look out for their neighbors means so much to me. It’s a sense of security to me.”

Jeff says this sense of community encouraged him to get involved with OTENA right from the beginning by joining the membership and green committees, and volunteering for numerous OTENA-sponsored events.

“I wanted to give back to a community that has made me feel welcome and secure,” he explains. “Of all the places that I have lived, I have never seen such a community that cares so much about its neighbors.”

Jeff is very excited to being a co-chair for the 2012 Home Tour.

“I am looking forward to another wonderful tour. I hope that all the visitors on this tour enjoy it as much as I have had fun being a part of it.”

Christy Williams
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Christy Williams has lived in Olde Towne East for two and a half years, and she says she can’t imagine why it took her so long to make the move.

“I had thought about moving to Olde Towne East for five years before I finally made the jump,” she says. “Now I’m sorry I missed out for so long!”

She goes on to say that she appreciates the unique “underground” vibe of the east side.

“Everything happening in OTE from business development to events like the Tour of Homes exists at a very community-based, grassroots level. We don’t have big corporate or government sponsors. It’s the residents gathering together that make it happen, and it feels good to own it.”

Christy is owner of VIVIDPOiNT interactive, a web development firm based in Olde Towne East. She also serves on the OTENA Board of Trustees.

2012 Committee Members

Chet Domitz
Candy Hopkins
Fred Hutchison
Alex Macke
Rob Pilarski
Ann Twiggs
Al Waddell

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