Green Living Membership — 16 March 2012
Reserve Your Plot in the OTENA Community Garden

The Olde Towne East Neighborhood Association Community Garden is in the final stages of renovations by F & W Properties. The garden plots have been reconfigured to allow for easier mowing and maintenance.

The garden will have 13 plots available for rent of varying sizes. Plots are available for free to any member of the Olde Towne East Neighborhood Association (OTENA). All are first come, first served. You can join or renew your membership here.

If you reserve a plot at the garden, it is your responsibility to plant and maintain everything within the boundaries of your plot. Please take good care of it and be mindful of others. You are welcome to plant what you like whether vegetables or flowers, but we highly recommend native Ohio plant species.

NOTE: All plots have been reserved for 2013. Thank you!

The following sizes are available:
4 plots – 6ft x 12ft
2 plots – 6ft x 15ft
6 plots – 10ft x 12ft
2 plots – 10ft x 15ft

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Christy Williams owns VIVIDPOiNT interactive, a full-service digital ad agency located in Olde Towne East.

(4) Readers Comments

  1. Hi,

    Do you have a specific date when reservations will be available?



    • Derek,

      The green committee is meeting very soon. Sorry we’re a little behind with the planning process this year. I expect the announcement any day now.

  2. We would like to reserve a plot for the garden. Any word when reservations can be made? Thank you.

  3. i am new OTENA member, and a first time community garden plot owner! i am very excited about both. i would love it if i could a be a part of the updates on when to start planting, and meetings about the garden, or basically any news, maps or info on the community garden.

    Thank you! looking forwarded to being a part of everything!


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