Renovations Begin at OTENA Community Garden

Renovations are underway on the Olde Towne East Community Garden at the corner of Oak and Garfield, with the help of a generous donation of services from F&W Properties.

Renovations will include newly configured plots which will allow F&W’s commercial mowers to pass between the plots with ease. Each plots’ edges will be clearly defined and well-maintained. In addition, work will soon begin to repair the aging gazebo, benches, and fence.

Garden plots will be available for rent for OTENA members and residents starting in Spring once we know how many we will have available. This year, we are streamlining the process, and all community garden plots can be reserved and paid for through the website. Check back often for the announcement.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Or if you are interested in becoming more involved in helping to maintain the Community Garden, consider joining the OTENA Green Committee.

Photos of the work in progress

Preparing for new plots
Preparing for new plots
Debris pile removed

3 thoughts on “Renovations Begin at OTENA Community Garden

  1. Yaay! As a new OTE resident, a garden plot would really make it feel like home. Looking forward to hearing how this develops!

  2. I am SO glad to hear that the garden is getting some attention. I wish we would have known ahead of time so that we could have salvaged some of our perrenials and our pea trellis :-( We have been gardening there for 4 years. Did anyone think to give a heads up? We will definitely be back in the spring but with a heavy heart, having to rebuild from scatch and cut our losses.

    1. Thanks for your comment. We sincerely apologize for the loss of your perennials! We announced at the General Membership meetings that the garden would be reconfigured and to gather your plants. We thought we had reached out to everyone who had space, but apparently we did not. We appreciate your long-term support with the garden and hope that the new configuration and maintenance plan will make the garden more useful to you and everyone. Again, so sorry about your plants.

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