King-Lincoln Featured in WOSU Documentary

As part of its ongoing series called “Columbus Neighborhoods,” WOSU will be broadcasting its latest episode about the King-Lincoln district beginning April 19th.

Update: Full episode is now available on youtube.
Stacia Hentz, WOSU Program Director, describes the memories of the people who live there:

…they fondly recalled local grocers that kept children employed and a place where fresh produce was fully stocked. They wistfully remembered the thriving theater/nightclub district where jazz would flow through the streets like rainwater.

For more information, visit WOSU’s page dedicated to the project at

Air Dates:
4/19, 9:00 pm WOSU TV
4/20, 3:00 am WOSU TV
4/20, 9:00 pm WOSU PLUS
4/22, 10:30 pm WOSU TV
4/24, 5:00 pm WOSU TV

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