How to Choose Contractors for Your Historic Home

After receiving several requests, we wanted to explore some of the concerns in choosing contractors for your historic home. Here are some questions to ask before choosing a contractor.

If you have specific contractors that you would like to recommend to your neighbors, please do so in the comments section below.

  • 1. Ask to see references from other historic properties they’ve done.
  • 2. Do they or have they ever personally lived in a historic home?
  • 3. Are your contractors familiar with the standards set by the city of Columbus’ Historic Resource Commission?
  • 4. Ask your neighbors for recommendations, in person or via social media networks.
  • 5. How will your contractors be gaining materials needed for the remodel? Who will be their suppliers? Finding materials to remodel a historic home is sometimes not as easy as a trip to the local home improvement store. Make sure you’re clear where you’re willing to compromise on materials and where you’re not.
  • 6. Are your contractors certified in safe lead paint practices?

For more resources for homeowners regarding updating and maintaining your historic home, visit or the City of Columbus Historic Resources Commission.

Or for a general guideline on how to choose a contractor, visit How to Hire a General Contractor.

One thought on “How to Choose Contractors for Your Historic Home

  1. Re: Painters
    Tony Christ, Owner of Pro-Coatings Unlimited painted both interior and exterior of my home at 1022 Oak Street. He is an excellent painter and I highly recommend him. He can be reached at 614-778-3263.

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