Franklin Park Neighborhood featured in Columbus Dispatch

The Columbus Dispatch featured the Franklin Park neighborhood in their ongoing series “Where We Live.” The article’s title “Neighbors find living near Franklin Park irresistible,” says a lot about the attraction of one of Olde Towne East’s sister neighborhoods.



From the article…

For decades, families have been drawn to the history and beauty of the neighborhood, with its spacious homes and nearby botanical gardens.
Tracey Jollay was renting a house near Ohio State University more than a decade ago but looking to buy.

She wanted a neighborhood where she could walk her dog, a place with a decent yard. She found it on the city’s East Side.

“I’ve got the biggest front yard in Columbus,” said Jollay, a commercial photographer.

In fact, it’s about 100 acres. It’s Franklin Park, which Jollay can see from her brightly painted porch on Franklin Park S.

She and her neighbors have more than enough land to walk their dogs, catch up with one another on neighborhood doings and enjoy the orchids, model railroads and other attractions at the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.

Last summer, the Dispatch featured Olde Towne East in their “Where We Live” series, “A New Life for Olde Towne“.

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