Corner Stone Craft Beer & Wine Now Open

Have you stopped by to see Corner Stone Craft Beer & Wine yet? When you do, you will see the familiar faces of Krista Sparks, Brad Hobbs, and Kevin Burns, who teamed up to bringĀ  The Tavern to Olde Towne East last year.

Corner StoneĀ  attempted to quietly opened its doors this past Friday with the following announcement made via their Facebook page: “Brave the snow and check us out today! Our doors are open til 10pm! Over 200 varieties of beer and 400 varieties of wine. Also, 6 beers on draft for your growler-filling pleasure!”. An impressive beer and wine offering, along with the opportunity to fill some growlers, was enough for many, including myself, to brave the cold and stop by welcome this new store to the neighborhood.

Located at 61 Parsons Avenue, on the corner of Oak Street and Parsons, Corner Stone’s hours of operation are as follows: Monday through Thursday 11AM-9PM; Friday and Saturday 11AM-10PM.

Kevin Burns, Krista Sparks Hobbs, and Brad Hobbs are ready to fill some growlers
Kevin, Krista, and Brad are ready to fill some growlers
Over 400 wine varieties available
Over 400 wine varieties available
Growler Station
And a growler station for local brews.



4 thoughts on “Corner Stone Craft Beer & Wine Now Open

  1. Ken and I stopped by during our daily walk and then I went back after eating dinner at Yellow Brick to pick up some beer for the gang to come back to our house. Krista said that I was officially their first regular!

  2. Another tremendous addition to our neighborhood. The transformation underway is like standing on the rim of a volcano it just gets better and better and bigger every day. That corner is a gem and am sure that with Kevin, Brad and Krista’s business acumen it will be a very successful and widely acclaimed.

    Olde Towne is quickly transforming. We have all the critical success factors: location, historic high quality housing stock, and a mix, affordability, homeowners and renters, a great neighborhood org OTENA, a thriving entreprenurial and diverse business community for the next best urban neighborhood in Columbus.

    My prediction is that in 3 years you won’t find a single vacant house in the area.

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