At Home from the Short North to Olde Towne East took a tour of artist Amy Neiwirth’s apartments. From her first apartment in Short North to her current one in Olde Towne East, the story highlights the architectural details and historic charm of both apartments, while showcasing Amy’s eclectic and colorful design style.

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From the article:

Olde Towne East appealed to her because she wanted a bigger place for the money – one she could move her studio for Sweet Stella into. She also wanted to find a place closer to her synagogue and also her parents who live in Bexley…

The place has loads of character and lots of storage. She’s on the second and third floors and the ceilings are high throughout. The rooms are large and the living room has a beautiful bay window, as did her apartment in the Short North. The windows let lots of light into the place. Downstairs, there are pretty wood floors and the same black and white tile in the kitchen that she had in the Short North. The upstairs are nicely carpeted. One of the best features is a washer/dryer in her upstairs bedroom. The second bedroom is where she does her work for Sweet Stella Designs. She also enjoys that this place has a shared yard space.

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