Boomhouse Records Brings Local Sound to Olde Towne East

Boomhouse Records is an independent record label located in Olde Towne East.

According to the Boomhouse Records Facebook page, the company aims to “combine many forms of local talent to create a conglomerate of creativity and culture unique in both genre and diversity.”

Boomhouse Records was founded by four friends – Parker Muntz, Zack Newkirk, Brandon Maclean, and Patrick Hearn. According to Parker Muntz, Boomhouse began in late 2009 with an idea and a name. Then after more than a year of planning, the founders decided to “seriously collaborate and combine our strengths to at least try something.”

Muntz explains that Boomhouse held their first showcase in April 2011 called the Spring Sampler, and it was a great success. So they held another event in July called the Summer Shanty to an even larger turnout. Most recently, they held an event October 28th called A Hallowed Eve to another great turn out.

“I keep thinking that no one will show up,” says Muntz, “and then 50 more than the previous time show-up and new faces too, so it’s very exciting.”

“We have huge support from our like-minded friends to spread the word about it,” he adds.

Boomhouse currently represents four different bands including:
Forest & the Evergreens (soul/blues-rock)
The Blight (progressive metal/rock)
Alaska Awake (folk/indie)
Apples & Baskets (funk/blues/groove)

For more information on Boomhouse Records and the bands they represent, visit their website at

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